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Apple is not taking away personal freedoms.

They create products, which they offer for sale. People can freely choose to purchase those products or not.

Apple has opinions about how to make products, which are embodied in the products they offer for sale. Other companies have different opinions. This is how a market is supposed to work.

I don’t think we should talk about Apple as if they are a government taking away freedoms. It confers too much authority upon Apple and too much victimhood upon customers.

That argument kind of breaks down when you have a monopoly on the market like Apple and Google do. If there isn't a viable option to their product then i'm not free to choose.

We shouldn't be talking about Apple like a government, but the government should probably be regulating this a bit better;

Are you seriously making the case we should be thankful about the restrictions they put on their products, because at least they exist? Is it somehow a problem to wish for things to be better, even though they could be worse?

They patently did contribute to the erosion of freedoms that people fundamentally used to have with their hardware.

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