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I do not, but you have to be lucky enough to have a device that is supported by LineageOS, or you need to spend time learning the skills to build a custom ROM for your device.

Why isn't there an option in developer mode that gives us a root shell on our Android devices? Why is an escape hatch that gives back control to the user so frightening for these companies?

You don't need a custom ROM to get root on Android, you just have to unlock the bootloader and replace the "su" executable. Moto (aka Lenovo) devices can be unlocked without exploits using their online tool, for example.

I mean, it's not luck if you just buy one of those devices...

It's because that same escape hatch can be used by bad actors.

And unfortunately as we have seen all too often users are willing to blindly do what they are told if they get something out of it e.g. free game, credits etc.

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