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That does sound useful to talk about, could I convince you to hit up the issue tracker to for that as a section request?

I just added a weirdly missing short section on plain rational beziers (not b-splines, just single beziers), and I'd like to still add a section on turning hand drawn paths into polybeziers.

>I just added a weirdly missing short section on plain rational beziers

That's great! Thanks for writing and maintaining this document over the years!

Coincidentally, I was referencing the section on offsetting [0] just last week and read the following,

>There is a small class of polynomials where the square root is also a polynomial, but they're utterly useless to us: any polynomial with unweighted binomial coefficients has a square root that is also a polynomial. ...We can already create offset curves for points, we call them circles, and they have much simpler functions than Bézier curves.

and thought, something like: "That's correct because Bézier curves in the context of this document, SVG, HTML canvas and fonts means polynomial (i.e non-rational) Bézier curves."

But if you're now considering rational Bézier curves as in-scope for the document that changes things doesn't it ? E.g Circles represented as rational Bézier quadratics, and Pythagorean Hodographs [1].

[0] https://pomax.github.io/bezierinfo/#offsetting

[1] http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/G1HermiteInterpolationWith...

Rational Beziers are no longer polynomials, though. If the basis value used for the division was a constant, then it would be, but instead it's a function of t.

Yes, I’ll request it via the issue tracker. Thanks!!

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