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The Overview Effect (wikipedia.org)
47 points by grdeken on Aug 21, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Maybe we should shoot politicians into space then?

Great article. Thanks for sharing!

An experience I hope more will be able to at least partially experience through VR.

I also hope in my lifetime it'll be within reach of Joe Average to visit space...

Consuming a huge lot of resources for this kind of tourism is not going to save the planet: I hope engineering and capacity will not focus on putting the average joe into orbit...

That is exactly an engineering problem. "Launching" an average Joe into space might be exactly what we need.

And about resources: resources required to produce 1GB hard drive 30 years ago are incomparable to the ones required for 1TB 20 years later.

One can definitely see how regular "touring" of space in the near future can consume only a tiny fraction of resources required to launch a single satellite into space today.

Well, having 1TB drives is useful, having the average joe in space is not

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