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So Valve Software would no longer be allowed to distribute Dota 2 through Steam? Most of the people I know who installed Steam were drawn there by Dota 2, CS, Half Life, Portal or Left 4 Dead (all Valve titles). In this case, the third party sellers directly benefited from the user base who were drawn to the platform.

Who really benefits if Valve stops developing games?

Who says that the company running Steam must be the same company that adds new hats to TF2? Valve could easily be split into two companies. It might even force the gamemaker Valve to come up with some new games, which AFAICS they largely stopped doing in recent years.

Having said that, Valve would probably be way below the 25-billion-dollar revenue threshold that Warren proposes.


You see incorrectly. Valve has released Underlords (doing well) and Artifact (doing badly) in the last 7 months, while also continually updating Dota 2 and reaching an all time high in quality.

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