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Only online marketplace? Why not physical too?


Then why not telecom? By the same logic shouldn't Comcast no longer be allowed to own NBCUniversal?

Or for media - would Disney not be allowed to launch their new video platform thing? Does Newscorp also have to be broken up? Certainly they have platforms for distributing media, but also a staggeringly large amount of content being generated.

Elizabeth Warren is also targeting telecom. She wants net neutrality, to overturn state laws targeting local governmental plans to build broadband networks, and a public option for broadband. Her stated policy proposal technically doesn't mention breaking up telecom, but it would drastically change the industry.


Walmart doesn't have a physical marketplace. A marketplace implies multiple sellers, and Walmart is the only seller at their B&M locations.

Ah sorry for walmart I meant their online marketplace. I guess my first reply was sort of incoherent, I was thinking along three separate lines:

1. why only online, and not also physical? (Are there just not large enough physical marketplaces?)

2. What about walmart (in the context of online) - would they need to divest their online marketplace too?

3. What about telecom/media industries? Would they need to be broken up as well?

For telecom, Comcast probably shouldn't own NBC. Or at least, the FTC should do their job as a competition monitor and use teeth to make sure NBC content doesn't get preferential treatment on Comcast cable/Internet properties.

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