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This almost reminds me of the Foundation series. Where with enough math/statistics one can extract the future. Except here applied to 6th graders, distilling the information they had heard, and breaking an operation that way.

6th formers are aged 16-18. I think 6th graders are much younger?

Correct. 6th form (lower sixth and upper sixth) is the two academic years prior to going to uni in the UK. 16-18 year olds.

It's an England and Wales thing, not a UK thing.

> I think 6th graders are much younger?

About 11-12 years old.

Yes, usually 11-12.

I can readily believe that they may have picked up Utah and Omaha from US soldiers' casual conversation, but if Mulberry and Overlord were being bandied about with enough frequency to have made an impression, I do not suppose they were very secret.

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