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>Good luck getting water out of an automatic faucet or push button water fountain.

Yikes! I hadn't realized that. I always praised plumbing as a good example of a well-designed, robust system that works even when the power is out, and how only the naive, self-styled 10xers would break that to be trendy ... and yet, they did it already.

Hopefully the auto-flushing toilets don't have this problem?

Plumbing doesn't work when the power is out if you're on a well with an electric pump.

Which is why my well-water friends have generators.

Where I live our water supply is pumped by electricity, so losing electricity means losing fresh water. But hey, at least it's not like the UK government is about to do anything reckless.

In Kempton steam museum they have the old backup generator which was actually powered by a water turbine from the mains supply (so indirectly powered by the steam engines). I'm hopeful that the modern system has at least as good redundancy but I wouldn't bet on it either.

They do, automatic = electric. If you're not applying force from your muscles to move something, that force is being applied by electricity.

To be fair, if you pour a bucket of water down a toilet fast enough it will "flush" regardless.

Or just put water into the tank.

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