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Airframe – Open-Source Dashboard Template (github.com)
144 points by metamet 56 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

For a large-screen-centric, all-batteries-included React UI component library, I love Palantir's Blueprint: https://github.com/palantir/blueprint

yup. as odious as palantir is blueprint is fantastic - beautiful, complete, and well documented.

Can we stop with "Loading, please wait" screen? This isn't some game that needs to load 3D environment and sites loaded faster 15 years ago that had similar functionality but why are we going backwards after so long?

One page trapped all the swipe gesture to move the cards around I couldn't even scroll back to top to get back to the side menu.

Exact same problem here. 8 second "please wait" which led to the same scroll lock. Perhaps this project is a little premature.

This is great. it takes a lot of effort to build a nice UI. someone building out a data-centric product could use this and focus on their backend business logic/processing.

A front-end Javascript build chain for a template? No thanks.

all versions (next/angular/jquery/vue/mvc) will be available as open source soon.

Looking forward for jquery.

I haven’t heard anyone say this for quite some time!

I think the term "template" is a bit misleading; this is a fully functional project. You can rearrange views as necessary and wire them up to your own APIs, and you'll be good to go.

This looks really good!

Another one I've used in the past is CoreUI[0], but I think Airframe looks a bit more "modern", or perhaps a little less "Bootstrappy" (that's a good thing).

[0] https://coreui.io

This looks really nice, but MY GOODNESS, there are a lot of dependencies!

It is after all a full template. Looking over the deps, including reactstrap is a bit extra baggage, but overall it's everything that you'd ultimately need to make an application in the ecosystem to do what it's offering, seems robust.

Can someone walk me through how I can set up the data to plug into this dashboard?

If I had a series of CSVs, how simple would it be to just attach it to these visuals?

You'd probably need some programming experience, or at least a general idea of how web development works. This dashboard template is front-end fluff that makes it simple for a developer to focus on the backend processes and allows them to pass resulting structured data to the client that's presented in pretty tables and charts.

There are multiple ways to accomplish your CSV challenge, depending on your backend structure, but one possible could be to use a tool such as the jQuery CSV plugin[1] to read your CSV files and convert them to Javascript objects. You could then render your HTML by iterating over the rows of that CSV in a <table> element. The Airframe source would provide all the the CSS needed to display your table in one of its pretty formats - would just be a matter of setting the table and its children's class attributes[2].

[1] https://github.com/typeiii/jquery-csv [2] http://dashboards.webkom.co/react/airframe/tables/tables#

Looks great!

Just curious - What do you need to do with babel/webpack et al. that Create-React-App or Next.js can't do?

Looks nice, but not quite responsive enough to lay out properly on an iPad.

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