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I moved to an island outside Seattle in 2018, and went through a couple big outages so far; our cell towers start turning off in 3 to 5 hours. Of course, my dsl goes down instantly, so it's important to have offline things to do.

I have a UPS for my router and modem; what I've learned is that while a UPS can last for hours powering those things, the upstream battery at the cable company only lasts an hour.

That's one advantage of DSL over cable: the telephone is considered critical infrastructure and does stay up much longer than an hour.

I didn't realize that cable stayed up at all. That was one condition of switching to VoIP: my wife insisted that 911 from wired phones must continue to work through a power outage.

I live in a rural area that is getting creeping suburbia (hence the cable). The phone lines/DSL, sadly, are out about as often as the power, and slower to get fixed. Power at the CO doesn't matter if the line maintenance isn't up to snuff.

"my dsl goes down instantly"

Put your dsl modem & router on a UPS. Telephone lines have independent power and generally stay up during power outages.

Thank you, my dsl modem is on a UPS, I have a generator. The DSL line goes down instantly when the power goes out.

I'm on centurylink's ADSL2 service.

My DSL survived a tornado. I'm on Ontario Bell (through teksavvy).

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