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Show HN: A subreddit dedicated to beta-reading
7 points by ThatsThats 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
(it's naked and will stay naked for at least a week or two)

There are stuff like Discord or Scribophile, which can provide good opportunites, but it's such a mess and sometimes it can be frustrating - for both parties.

So, r/betareading is meant to become a platform for both parties to meet and exchange freely.

I'll have more free time soon to work on the subreddit and promote it. Probably will add guidelines for both writers and beta-readers.

Because a writer can name the genre of his text and his length, but beta-readers skills should be categorized and made public: from grammar to pacing or character development, including favorite genres, format, languages spoken fluently and time available.

And maybe a wiki afterwards. This has always existed presumably, it's time to make it more formal.

For writers I see two advantages:

- easier to send your copy to your stranger than maybe to a buddy - a good, well-read and well-trained beta-reader will provide better feedback than your bud

For beta-readers I see one advantage:

- easier than to lurk Scribophile for a month wondering wth happens over there, or to join Discord and read thousands of pages of Sonic fanfic


In the meantime, feel free to join and stick to the one and only rule existing for now; tag your titles with [R] or [BR]!

"If your work isn't ready for people to try out yet, please don't do a Show HN. Once it's ready, come back and do it then. " https://news.ycombinator.com/showhn.html

Ok. Thanks, new to HN and mostly lurking atm.

There are a few existing subs for beta reading

* /r/TheWritersLounge (they expect intermediate to advanced level writing though)

* /r/BetaReaderExchange (seems inactive though, last post 8 months back)

* /r/fantasywriters (specific for fantasy, I feel there might be other such specific subs too)

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