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Machine Learning and Data Science Applications in Industry (github.com)
167 points by callli 61 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

To encourage active participation, I have created a private repo where all future edits and entries will be made starting November 2019 after which this project will be deprecated. To join indefinitely you have to submit two unique open source python ML or DS projects to d.snow@firmai.org (unique to this list only, it needen't be your own). Please submit them now so that I can put you on the list. How to know if your contribution is unique: search the Google Sheet file for the respective URL.

So the intent is to "lock out" anyone who doesn't contribute before November 2019 by keeping all new content in the private repo? Seems kind of sketchy, unless I'm misunderstanding. Maybe the intent behind releasing this publicly is just to build up the email list mentioned in the readme?

It's created by firm.ai so there's general corporate interest?

It's public, all you have to do is contribute. No one is excluded, you just have to lift your hand and open the gate to the park.

If it's a shared resource why is there a need for one contribute in order to view the resource? The underlying implication of a private repo in this context is that the owner can at anytime lock the gate and make it pay to enter.

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