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These guys have definitely spent some money on PR since closing their investment round in April. They have placed 4+ articles with many of the same talking points, pictures and video over the last 2 weeks:





Funny to see the VC money being spent so tangibly and the timeline for creatives, relationships and placements.

And they don't really have anything useful. Their claims dont make any sense to someone in the field. Now I have to file ieee spectrum under "willing to pedal bullshit for money" like so many other publications.

Yea, not a good look for IEEE to be posting articles on buzz word vapor ware with pretty pictures.

It's probably not even money: it's just a reprinted press release. Once you know the style, it becomes obvious just how many articles everywhere about a new development from company X are just prints of company X's press release with some mild rewording.

It's mostly harmless; companies need to be able to announce products somewhere.

My own tell-tale about those is the use of the word "could" in the description. Not an outright disqualifier, but raises the likelihood of the content being a PR fluff piece.

> These guys have definitely spent some money on PR

And wasted it. Jalopnik? InsideDevs.com? CNET? Seriously?

I would have agreed... but if that all helped them book IEEE, then it was worth it. From a reputation standpoint, IEEE could give them quite a bit of cache.

I'm all in favor of more cache, but I think that was supposed to read 'cachet'...

Ha... thanks.

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