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Olympia NC560 Cash counter: can update to new bills from sd-card, the manual states "Micro-SD memory card with a capacity of 1GB up to 8GB".

We tried a 32GB card first, the update seamed to run fine. To finalize the update file is deleted from the sd-card. This all happened, then the device was stuck in firmware-update mode (undocumented state). Tried it again with a 4GB sd-card, update worked fine.

We assume the update file was spread beyond the 8GB boundary

That's a dangerous game to play when you were counting money! I seriously admire your hacker courage.

I'm scared to try an unauthorized card in my Nintendo Switch because I could lose my Zelda save file.

Game saves are stored in the console's internal memory. You couldn't put your save on an SD card if you wanted to.

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