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What is Haberman? (regexking.info)
54 points by dhotson 61 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Transcription error in the 1980s from a map from the 1960s leads to incorrect "populated place" being given to a "location" that was a factory with a train station.

Good 'ole Garbage In, Garbage Out at work.

I think this public-data sleuthing article is a piece of beauty, and I'm somewhat willing to accept the occasional transcription errors if this is the result.

I clicked expecting an article about the Cordwainer Smith story.


So did I!

I was half-expecting that HN would have greater appreciation of CS' writings than the general population...

These location names seem to be sourced from anywhere at all, without regard for verification. Around here, sometimes this surfaces ancient neighborhoods which haven't existed for a century, sometimes a marketing label which is referenced on the web a lot, and sometimes some non-Euclidean weirdness breaches the surface.

Reactivate the damn Lower Montauk!

but who is Haberman? and why has a train station been named after him/her

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