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Thanks for this. I did not realize that fileSize() was a performance issue on Windows. I'll attempt to update kvtest.c to deal with that, rerun the tests, and update the page, as I have opportunity.

Apologies for a hijack but since you're here, I really wanted to say thank you for sqlite! Saved me many headaches and made me a better programmer. You're amazing for creating it.

And if you don't mind a question: are you guys up for making a strictly typed variant of sqlite? I'm aware it is going to be a completely different beast and many wouldn't expect backwards compatibility.

Just curious if such a strongly-typed variant is on your radar at all.

Also, that test program for the above arguments just loops through the first 1000 files 100 times. (iMax is 1000). Would be good to point that out a bit more clearly if it's intentional. Curious to know why if it is.

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