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Okay, yeah, I know all these things but this is just a font of wisdom ...

> The wonderful thing about credit is that it's not a finite resource.

> The worst position for a leader is as the bearer of bad news everyone already knows.

> Being transparent also helps to break down a commonplace fallacy in television: the idea that network and studio are your adversaries. In fact, these are your production partners and your financial backers - as invested in the success of the series as you are - and they deserve to have a clear picture of the process.

> ... explosions of genius-level creativity: but where does the black powder for that explosion come from? Pattern recognition.

> More often than not, all of the consideration and reconsideration done by showrunners of the material in post-production is a distraction from the the far less immediately rewarding work of the writers room

> Without a complete script, no one can decide where they are going to take the trucks with all the lights and cameras and costumes, and for how long. Without a script, no one can figure out how much it's going to cost to make this episode of your series. Without a script, the actors can't prepare for their work in front of the camera.

> Scripts are how you talk to cast, crew, studio, and network. Write them quickly, rewrite them impassively and efficiently. Work your scripts until they are ready, but recognize that in a fast-moving business like television, most of the time they will only be ready enough.

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