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Alaska records its warmest month ever; future records likely (ktuu.com)
37 points by reddotX 58 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

We have villages here sinking into the ocean and roads falling apart from the permafrost melting. Im tired of republicans they helped murder this state and now won't take even the basic steps to fix this problem.

It's not just Republicans. Remember, Democrats had both houses of Congress and the White House under Obama. The problem wasn't addressed then either.

We need to de-politicize it somehow. When it is a 'my side is right, and yours is wrong' issue, half the country is lost.

No its not I live in Alaska and its clearly Republican decisions here that have led us to the situation we have. Democrats barely had country before losing it in a landslide by Republicans and having the majority of what they proposed opposed stopped by Republicans. Our centrist system has made it impossible to pass anything. Im not saying democrats are flawless but they arent the ones pulling us out of climate agreeements, supporting anti environmental policies, and refusing to aknowledge we have a problem. We need political pressure on Republicans if we are gonna pass anything useful in this country. Its kinda hard to solve an issue when you have an entire side that refuses to even admit its an issue and is actively working against you.

No. Even when Democrats win office, nothing ever changes.

If climate is the top priority, the Green Party deserves a chance to see what they can do.

to do what? do any of the climate models suggest that future human intervention can have an effect? my understanding is that they don't.

Is it time to invest in waterfront property in Alaska?

It's not a time to invest in ANY waterfront property anywhere.


Sure, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and our ancestors were proto-rodents hiding in crevices, it was warmer in Alaska.

and what ? it was warmer at a certain time doesn't mean we don't have to do something i don't get this view

It is probably since the time at which that region of the world is called Alaska.

Of course, if you go back enough you will find some stages when it was hotter there, but back then probably we (humans, global civilization and the actual ecosystem we rely on) wasn't there.

you are being downvoted not because you are wrong, but because you are stating a thing that is obviously true to almost everyone here interested in this topic. you may feel you are being helpful but most feel you are being obnoxiously pedantic. i can appreciate both sides here, but i also know a more pedantic title will do nothing to stop climate denial trolls from pretending not to trust this stuff.

I'm being pedantic for a reason. But it doesn't really matter, the downvoting just proved my suspicion that accuracy doesn't matter anymore to most people in this discussion and people who are on this crusade aren't really scientifically-minded and/or interesting.

Do you mean hundreds of thousands of years ago or more? Pretty sure it’s obvious the claims are about during human existence.


What would constitute as value to the conversation? There is no more ignoring the climate crisis. The first step is to talk about it and understand the scope of the problem.

Most comments are "we have to do this or that (things that have been repeated a thousand times) but it depends on politicians, nobody is doing anything, we are doomed, it's not really that hot in a timeline of thousand of years, we need CO2 sequestration, we need to plant trees", blablabla.

We could post comments using Markov chains and nobody would notice, everything would get upvoted

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