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The article you cite references a study that looked at mass shootings from 2006-2016, I am sure Las Vegas shootings and other more recent ones would changes the statistis. It also breaks down shootings into a category called "public" - which is the one most people are interested in. Non-black perpetrators committed 70% of these public shootings

Which lends support to the claim that the shooters are not disproportionately white. Searching for a variety of sources on percentage of population that is white in America out the figure at 74-76%.

I described the variance between public and other mass shootings above: "Statistics change if you include other types of mass shootings (family more white, felony more black) which are much more common than the "public mass shootings"."

> Non-black perpetrators committed 70% of these public shootings

So you're bolstering your argument that public mass shootings are primarily white by claiming that blacks (14% of the population) commit 30% of the public mass shootings?

Statistics and context matter.

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