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Very clever. That said, there’s plenty of HKers who were happy to be govt stooges who speak Cantonese and can write English.

True, but it no doubt greatly reduces the amount of government involvement in this area.

Only for a little while. It will take a few days to make a browser extension to fix this.

There's nothing which will translate that as far as I know, it's an entirely different problem than chinese characters since Cantonese is a separate language and the phonetics are not even standardized in these messages so there's no 1 to 1 mapping to characters either.

If you type the phonetic words in using the Google Keyboard in JyutPing mode, you will usually get the correct Chinese characters. The thing that would defeat this, though, is the deliberate introduction of very colloquial Chinglish puns.

What sort of browser extension are you thinking of that would only take a couple of days?

There are also over 100 million Cantonese speakers in China.

It’s like the interesting fact there are more Mongolians in China than in Mongolia.

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