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Wi-Fi router could be used to watch you breathe and monitor your heartbeat (cbc.ca)
38 points by pseudolus 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Remember when people gave Kellyanne Conway shit for saying microwaves can be used to track people?

Edit: Downvoting doesn't change the validity of this comment it just furthers the point. Assuming that the people you disagree with are dumb and idiotic only does a disservice to yourself.

Upvoted because I appreciate your sentiment, but I’m not sure I’d look to Kelly Anne as a paragon of technical wisdom. Even a blind squirrel knows she’s a nut.

I don’t think she’s that amazing either, but there seems to be this growing trend of intentionally taking the dumbest interpretation of your opponents idea and then lambasting them for it. I think we would all be better off if we stopped intentionally misstating each others points in order to make the person seem dumb or not worthy of being heard. This technology isn’t new now and it wasn’t new during her infamous interview but people treated her very poorly and they were wrong too.

It’s not the “dumbest interpretation” since her claim was already ridiculous.

Same thing with the Trump saying windmills cause cancer. There’s no real defense.

I know there may be concerns about privacy, given the headline. But this is a very cool concept. Nothing new, I know, but still very cool nonetheless :)

I was pretty surprised, until I realized that regular radar works essentially the same way. Usually you use two antenna spaced some known distance apart so you can use Doppler to distinguish moving from stationary objects. The surprising thing is that it works so well.

I guess I'll need to build a Faraday cage around my house now...

> Adib said this technology is already in use in major hospitals across the U.S. to track disease progression in patients with Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis.

This is already commercialized?

The video dates to 2015, not really surprising that it's been commercialized since it's MIT. https://www.emeraldinno.com/

Awesome. Thanks for the link.

Neat. Physical occupant presence detection seems like a very useful application. Also, a possible application would be to automatically detect if a person were in some sort of distress.

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