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[flagged] Google wants to make you feel like you're on a crowded train to up ad engagement (twitter.com)
32 points by FlowNote 57 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Can we pretty please stop dragging all the smartest people in from psychology, mathematics, civil engineering, the carnival, astrobiology, submarine warfare, neurosurgery, and gene splicing in order to increase advertising engagement stats by another 0.1?

I hope the EU or someone else would address this invasive behavior on the part of ad companies. You know a billboard, a TV ad, text ads, it’s all good. I wanna buy things, I want to know about some things people sell —and people can make a living delivering ads. Fine. But this eternal descent into insidious psychological manipulation to get people to buy things they don’t need which adds to planetary stress by a ‘don’t be evil’ company has got to stop.

I’m a fan of early Google. I don’t know when but they jumped the shark with this nonsense.

Is it ok if they drag really bright quants from financial firms?

Oh. This is more of that project Veritas BS.

Expect every inadvisable piece of analysis or research ever downloaded by a low-level Google sales rep to be presented as a exclusive leak of what the company has been secretly planning.

The instant I saw Project Veritas was attached to this I stopped reading. Their entire track record screams, "You can't trust a single thing we say."

If the host of the documents induces psychological stress, here's a document that explains the triggers and stressors you're enduring.


If the ad industry was applying this kind of emotional and psychological manipulation in order to, I dunno, coerce people into having more sex with them, most people would agree it's evil. But it's OK to manipulate people in the same way if it's just to make them buy your shit?

Bunch of psychopaths.

If this is Veritas, I've been led to believe that epithet is an accurate description of them.

Anyone with me on a startup that only indexes the part of the internet Google doesn't touch?

  No Google Adwords enabled sites
  No Google Analytics enabled sites
  No Google CDN referencing sites
I don't want anything to do with them anymore at all. Ever.

Or anyone who has anything to do with them.

Can we take our internet back?

I was thinking about this. I'm lazy and not very talented, so is there any decent code existing and open sourced that could be adapted to spider only sites without advertising?

Just crawl, and then disregard sites that have certain scripts present.

Yeah, technically, it'd be very easy. I've written countless spiders, crawlers, etc.

Basically, only index items where webpage.indexOf('google') < 0

Err, isn't the study about people in actual crowded trains being more receptive to buying stuff?

You'll have to review the rest of the leaked documents to see how algorithmic discrimination methodologies are tied into this. The preceding paragraphs are damning about intent and implication.

Funny, Google Maps recently started surveying me about how crowded my trains were.

Can we all start saying Google Ad search now?

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