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Effectively no human with a smartphone outside the US finds having to install an app to communicate with other people in a cross platform way a burden enough to stay with iMessage.

Either Americans are uniquely lazy when it comes to installing apps on their phone, or this argument doesn't hold any water.

A false dichotomy. One third option: there are network effects at play in America that aren't at play in Europe. Consider the relative market shares of the iPhone. US: ~58%, e.g., Spain: 25%. [1] Thus, when one boots an iPhone in the US, roughly 60% of one's friends already have this functionality. And that market share likely skews towards self-selecting groups such as teenagers. Also note that sending an SMS doesn't have as significant of a historical drawback in the US as it does in Europe. There may be some limitations, but, again, given the market share, it's unlikely one is going to reach one's SMS limit texting grandma. Thus, because US people can be more accommodating in terms of messaging with other phones without a third-party app, it's a perceptively useless install in America. Pretty much apps like WhatsApp are only used by US people with Android devices for communicating outside of the US. Otherwise, it's unlikely a US person needs to do anything other than send an SMS, and, hence, the green bubble.

[1] https://deviceatlas.com/blog/android-v-ios-market-share

or maybe, since it's already built in and works just fine for them, they use it

most people don't give enough of a shit to install another app to chat with people when what they have is just fine

friendly reminder that most people don't give a shit about tech in general and just want to use things that work

you can calm your hate-boner for america whenever you want

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