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German Ham Radio Operator Takes Picture of Solar Eclipse From the Moon (spiegel.de)
34 points by scapecast 62 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Spookily good translation of the article (which is interesting in its own right):


The translation says he's licensed to operate the Chinese satellite. Is that right? Did he have to get approval to issue the command or was this him on his own? Quite a nice picture for a satellite that is now defunct. Was the Chinese satellite's mission already done or did it fail prematurely?

It sounds like he's part of China's version of DSN, which is pretty cool! It seems strange that China is using amateurs instead of just building their own around the world, but a great opportunity for this guy!

Ok, call me naive, but I hoped this was how he made a visual photo based off radio waves bounced off the moon somehow. Doesn’t sound possible, but then that’s where the title sent me!

For anyone in here wondering the article states that he added a command to download the picture to the list of commands he got from the chinese.

The satellite Longjiang 2 was destroyed on the moon (as planned) so you guys can't get permission "to operate" it ;)

It's times like these where I wish I was a ham operator myself.

I too am curious how I can get China to give me instructions on how to operate their satellite. Any pointers?

Amazing that the Chinese teamed up with an amateur, instead of an other space agency. It is really impressive how much of an impact amateurs can have in astronomy and space research.

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