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Show HN: I made an app that will read and save recipes you find online (trycookup.app)
2 points by ender201 on Aug 16, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Maker of CookUp here, I wanted to share this with the Show HN community to get some feedback and see if others find value in the software I've created. My wife and I love to cook, and this has helped us find and save recipes we like online without having to wade through ads and life stories on lengthy blog posts or having to juggle several recipe apps. Looking forward to any and all feedback!

I've never been able to find a recipe online that had an accurate time estimate. Maybe if there was a way for users to give feedback in this particular area, and then display it to you when you browse, that might be really cool. Who knows though, maybe I'm just slow at slicing and dicing :)

Neat idea! I could see a "trending recipes in your city" feature being really cool to try new recipes. Good luck with the app

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