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>> I could see all this. Why couldn't they?

Having worked mind-numbing jobs like packer at a warehouse, I can assure you that most people can see "all this" just as clearly as Bukowski. Like Bukowski, they are unable to do anything to change "how things are", but unlike Bukowski they don't have a guaridan angel to lift them off the daily rat race and into a successful creative career. More importantly, perhaps, unlike Bukowski, many of those people have responsibilities, specifically to their families and particularly their kids, responsibilities that they recognise and that they usually accept. Or in any case, those who accept those responsibilities give up any dreams of a "free" life and do what best they can to fulfil those responsibilities. If that means working at a 9-to-not-quite-5 job that eats you from the inside, because there is no better option, then that's what it means.

But Bukowski asks: why do people have children? Because that's what people do, if you look around you. People make more people. Perhaps we are all slaves of evolution that has programmed us this way but a sizeable chunk of people find that they love their children even before they have them, even if they find that they can never have them. Some people are not like that and some can't even stand the idea of having children. Perhaps those people are lucky, perhaps they are the real unlucky ones. Who knows.

Traditionally, your kids work to support you when they grow up. In rich countries this doesn't happen because it has been financialized into pensions, but in the rest of the world it's very much a reality.

Bukowski was writing for people in the USA, correct?

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