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The amount of racist and sexist dog-whistling in that image is deafening. I hope that the reason it's not [dead] after more than one hour here is because the people reading this thread haven't wasted quite as much time on 4chan as I did to get all these very clever references. Although even beyond that I hope that HN will manage to stay strong and not devolve into macro-image posting.

This is basically the entire 4chan /pol/ mythos condensed into one single picture. Very convenient.

For the clueless, uninitiated types and people with hearing too poor to pick up on the sound of a dog whistle -- raises hand -- perhaps you could kindly explain it like I'm five.

So the figure at the bottom left represents a "nu-male", that is an unmanly, childish guy who's used to caricature any opposing viewpoint.

The presence of Soylent on the right is not to criticize junk food or the pressure to eat fast, it's because it contains (and is named after) soy which is associated with female hormones which in that mythology make man less manly (i.e. turns them into the nu-males I talked before). That's both stupid and sexist.

Similarly the porn site blacked.com might be here to point out that the easy access to huge amounts of porn by the entire population might have perverse side effects, but the choice of blacked over something more mainstream like pornhub is probably more about complaining about race mixing (blacked is about black men having sex with white women). It also meshes into the weird fascination these circles have with cuckholding, but I won't even bother touching that.

Then you have the whole specter of left-wing and/or liberal "stuff" with no rhyme or reason, from John Oliver to Che Guevara to CNN. You see when people have a different political opinion from your own they're all being mindless sheeple while you're the true enlightened beacon of truth (unfortunately I can't pretend that the alt-right are the only ones using this particular fallacy).

Then you have the picture of Star Wars. Again, could be just about complaining about mass-produced entertainment but notice that this one uses a live shot of the actors instead of simply the Star Wars logo. Notice that it showcases one black man and two women, one being asian. Meanwhile Marvel and GoT have only logos.

Then you have the Apple logo, which I'm sure you've noticed used the old "gay flag" colors, not the modern one. An interesting choice to be sure. It was probably more aesthetically pleasing.

Frankly there's one thing I'm impressed with this screenshot: I can't see any obvious antisemitic dogwhistles. It's quite notable because all the things I've written above are usually and invariably blamed on the Jews.

Thank you.

I feel a bit lost. I can't match up your descriptions with anything in the graphics for this article. Is this stuff in the 21 minute video? Or am I just missing something in a really big way?

I'm talking about the gif linked by the poster, not the article.


(Boy, do I feel dumb now. Way to go to completely miss the context.)

How is it sexist?

The whole thing about Soylent and how men need to be manly and there's a whole conspiracy to make men less men. Also the Star Wars stuff I suppose, can't have no strong female leads. There's nothing precise I can point out, but then again that's the point of dogwhistles. Everything can be plausibly denied, yet to anybody "in the know" the message is absolutely clear.

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