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Wow, what was the trigger for that, if you don't mind me asking?

Because this is meloncholic. Both the article and the comment are fatalistic. First of all, it frames a 9-5 job as something to hate, which is a loaded opinion in and of itself. Rather than being grateful for having a job in a first world country, author and commenter choose to disdain it. Or frame it as slavery. It's privileged nonsense.

If you have a job, you have something to be grateful for, first if all. Secondly, you always have free agency in a free country. If you don't like it, move on, but don't project your own self loathing or dissatisfaction onto other people. Plenty of people get a lot of satisfaction out of their jobs and provide for their families from 9-5s and don't look at it from this pessimistic angle.

Those patterns of thought are either great if they inspire you to move onto other industries or toxic and bad for you if they cause you to become cynical.

Y'know, we're supposed to try to look at comments on this site in a charitable way since it's hard to convey tone with text.

I was actually disagreeing with the idea that 9-5 jobs need to be soul-sucking, and speaking from the perspective of someone who is able to decide what I work on.

But it's important to understand why some people hate their situations and feel unable to escape them. Poverty traps are real, especially in the United States, and we should be doing more as a society to help people escape them.

Also, I disagree that having a job is inherently something to be grateful for. Having a job is something to be paid for.

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