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Lighter perhaps, but if living were that much easier we wouldn't have the levels of anxiety, depression, burnout, and suicide we have. The levels would then be much, much lower. Especially as we do know so much more about these issues than we did even 50 years ago. But it seems, it's not that simple, something has changed that makes many people miserable in a way that seems to completely offset the material, for lack of a better word, decrease in strife in our lives.

Something about our psychology that meshes terribly with society, but obviously not for all members of society. However, those it hits seem to get hit quite hard.

You are assuming levels of anxiety and depression were lower in the past. But we can't know that since these were not reliably diagnosed in the past. You suggest the levels should be lower today because we know more about these issues - I would expect it would be the other way around: The more we know (and the better overall healthcare) the more instances will be recognized and diagnosed.

I suspect it's that people nowadays have less of a community and feel more alone. Even our way of consuming materialism has become more individualistic. I dislike religious organisations, but I'll admit they did do wonders to bring a community of people together.

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