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He wasn't talking about their home life, he was talking about their work life. He was talking about how they were trapped at work, and how being trapped turned them into empty things. It's true that many people that work monotonous, bureaucratic jobs can turn spiteful and disinterested in anything other than towing the line to get along. They are the empty people, the ones who will put up with ungodly amounts of shit, just to have the privilege of continuing to put up with that shit. They can't see a way out, and it eats a hole in them.

I know few people with a "rich, full life", and a lot more people who work all day, buy fast food for dinner, and then play League for 5 hours until they fall asleep. It's not fulfillment they're after, it's distraction, comfort, escape. Self-medication comes in the form of drink, food, tv, gambling, drugs, even other people.

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