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I am looking for people that find and solve problems on their own, especially for data science roles. The Linkedin profile (hanifsamad) is all about how he is good at solving problems given TO him. Indicators:

- "I am for the problems worth solving (..)"

- Use the default header on Linkedin

- No sign of roles or additional engagement that indicate 'self driven problem solver'

I love the article, but I need actionable insights.

I sure as heck put a lot more weight on his clever approach and execution in gathering data on a problem he discovered _on his own_ than I do on what header (??) he used on LinkedIn.

It’s a good sign that you question what is given to you

> - Use the default header on Linkedin

Lol are you serious?

Is the profile header on LinkedIn a robust hiring signal?

Did he ask you for a job?

I'm not exactly sure what you are responding to, or complaining about for that matter.

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