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I feel the same way but I encountered so many con artists.

My favorite con artists was actually a dentist and I fell for part of the "con". I guess you could argue if its a con but I feel like it was.

I went in for a simple fillings in two teeth, he starts drilling, then tells me I need inlays $800 a piece x 2. Being young and stupid I said, ok. I was so broke at the time, I needed to borrow money to pay. When I came back another customer was fighting with billing. 2nd con that dentist office did was sending bills for bs charges. I got two, but did research and asked for a detailed bill, which never came. A year or two later I start getting pain, and my new dentist is surprised I have inlays in back teeth and has to drill them out because they were done incorrectly.

So, yeah....don't pick a dentist based on google reviews and talk about treatment plan before drilling.

So how do you pick a dentist?

By word of mouth mostly.

Absolutely, real-life word of mouth trumps all the algos and search engines. About time more people realize those are business marketing tools, not tools to help you.

I see what you did there.

Nice username :)

Amazon reviews </sarcasm>

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