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Wordpress frameworks that don't suck (stackexchange.com)
42 points by evolve 2395 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Back in 2006 I released a WordPress theme based on my website design, called Tarski. Since then it's been through a lot of versions and many of the features it pioneered (custom headers; alternate stylesheets; navbar selector; update notfication) have been added to the core WordPress software.


Unlike many other themes, it has a decent amount of documentation (check the sidebar for a full set of links).


It's got an extensive API (in addition to the standard WordPress one), is child theme-friendly, and is used by thousands (the forked WP.com version is used, for example, by Terence Tao). Many wonderful users have contributed translations in over 20 languages.


I don't really have a huge amount of time to improve or maintain it these days, although I do try to keep it up to date with the changes that come out in new versions of WordPress. If anyone is interested in contributing or taking over as maintainer, please do email me at benedict@eastaugh.net. The code is, of course, up on GitHub.


I usually start with a theme called Wordpress Naked. http://code.google.com/p/wordpress-naked/ It's pretty much a blank canvas.

Is it anything like the Sandbox theme? http://www.plaintxt.org/

Honest question: was WP ever rewritten to use a MVC architecture or is still a pile of "functions.php" includes?

I haven't looked at the source in at least 2 years so I'm hoping it's not still using the same anti-patterns it originally used.

It still uses predefined PHP files recognized by their name. It has an extensive (and good) API, but it's still common to see SQL in the view. MVC is so 70s anyway ;)


Please don't forget that you can also flag comments. Simply click on the link of the parent and click flag.

Downvoting alone doesn't do the job.

'By now there is a considerable amount of WordPress code around that is meant to be re-used by other developers. Unfortunately there is little to none practical and solid information on it and generally you are stuck going through frameworks one by one until you find the first you like or think they all suck terribly (whichever comes first).'

A community writeup on which frameworks and parent themes we really use and why.

Featured question on the stack exchange (beta) Wordpress site http://wordpress.stackexchange.com

I for one have always found it painful to find a decent wordpress master theme/framework to work off.

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