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You're being downvoted, but I hear where you're coming from. Phone scammers make my blood boil like little else does.

I don't know why he was downloaded. I mean, come too Florida and talk to some 80 year old guy who has nothing, due to being scammed or ID theft.

Frankly, be better if you just killed the guy. Now this guy has to decide between food and meds because his SSI doesn't cover it all. And his savings are gone.

> Frankly, be better if you just killed the guy.

I feel like you should ask the guy his opinion on the subject. He's likely to disagree.

82 years old, with serious cash flow issues. Choosing between food and meds? It's 50/50. In fact, living among them in Florida, I'd give odds that he'd choose to die.

I’m with you on that. Lethal injection is too good for the perpetrators - I say, Death of the Boats.

I was downvoted because the same people who have the influence to legalize their crimes have the influence to make the public believe that it is right and proper.

That is absolutely not why you were downvoted.

Read Alex Karakatsanis

No. This is a lazy comment. You're giving me a world of homework, without bothering to even give me a specific link to something.

Furthermore, I doubt that the guy running the illegal scam operation, a type of operation that literally everyone hates, is an example of a crime that the public thinks is right and proper.

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