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I for one find this project very worthwhile, there are/were plenty of web-based clones of Minecraft but many abandoned or haven't caught on. ian13456's mc.js, which I just learned about from this post, has 1717 stars on GitHub, quite impressive.

I'm aware of a couple other attempts. voxel.js (the furthest along fork seems to be http://voxelmetaverse.com - code https://github.com/deathcap/voxelmetaverse hasn't changed since 2016, and the domain expires 2020), originally named minecraft.js, written in pure Javascript originally with three.js, then stackgl using npm and browserify.

My attempt is https://satoshinm.github.io/NetCraft/ (source code: https://github.com/satoshinm/NetCraft), but it is implemented slightly differently, in that it is actually written in C (based on fogleman's "Craft") and compiled to WebAssembly to run on the web. This avoids some of the performance pitfalls with Javascript and garbage collection. It even lets you play on a Bukkit-compatible server using a plugin.

Unfortunately I have abandoned my project as well, but C/C++/Rust compiled to WASM may be the future, although it will be interesting to see how far this pure Javascript-based client can go. I wish mc.js developers the best of luck, we had similar goals of wanting to play Minecraft on the web.

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