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Maybe, but I don't think the few data points we have (CDTV and CD32, that arcade system) are very reassuring.

I also think that the best Amiga games were better suited for computers, like point and click adventures or strategy games like Civilization. The arcade ports I can think of in particular are mostly of poor quality with some exceptions, so evidently it was hard to on-board people who could develop quality arcade ports for the system. The games that really pushed the system technically and that people tend to remember fondly were almost all released at least half a decade after 1985.

We will never know. CD32 was cool but way too late, it could have worked if Commodore was flush with money and had some sort of plan, but it had neither. CDTV was cool but very expensive.

But what I meant - what if there could have been arcade games based on the Amiga, so you would not have to port it to Amiga, but it would have already have been Amiga?

And games console with Amiga hardware but say, 256kbyte RAM and 32kbyte ROM cartridges would still have been an awesome games console. All games for that hardware would have been trivially ported (and possibly updated with more graphics and sounds) for the computer Amiga.

Another though - that would have provided games publishers with much needed incentive to continue making games for Amiga. Piracy was sooo prevalent they made almost no sales, especially late in the life cycle. ROM cartridges would have had a way around that and Amiga (computer) games sales would have been a nice to have side effect.

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