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When the recession hits (more controversially the bubble pops), I’m not sure what will happen to WeWork.

I would guess it will collapse, as tenants leave and it can’t pay for its rental costs.

But on the flip side, in a recession landlords become much more open to renegotiating terms, and more people freelance or start their own business when they lose their jobs. So it’s possible WeWork could somehow claw their way out of it.

There's an interview to Neumann by BI where he talks about that exact same thing. Makes one wonder if they're betting it all on a recession for things to "work" (heh)

The interview, soft paywall: https://www.businessinsider.com/wework-ceo-adam-neumann-busi...

I don't like this pattern, more than VC funded startups they are more like QE funded startups, regurgitating your own devalued money as a favour. Uber comes to mind, too.

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