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Hell yeah. Since deleting my FB account - and thereby being ostracised socially - I’ve spent a lot of my idle time thinking about what a decentralised, private-by-design, Facebook-like social network might look like. Is it feasible to host on-device? Does it need coordination or centralisation at all? How does privacy work? If central servers are required, can they be reliably funded? Can it be both ethical and profitable? How do we avoid consolidation of a decentralised design (cf RSS, SMTP)? How do we fund what needs to be done? Does such a network already exist? How do we know we can trust it? How do we promote it? I’ve got many more questions, particularly around ethics and sustainability, but that’s where I’ve been spending the few idle cycles that I have.

It looks a lot like Usenet with HTML & encryption.

Start there. You’ll probably build something incredible.

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