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> [...] perhaps floors 1-20 as office and 20-40 as apartments or something, will almaot certainly be a feature of the next twenty years.

Please be wrong, please, please, please...

If I just can telecommute I don't want my workspace being my live space and my neighbours being my coworkers.

That can may be a thing if you are living by your own, living in a foreign city and without family. I can't see it other way.

Skyscrapers are only getting bigger. And while "walkability" and "going outside" are really important so too is density and density can breed innovation.

It's why weird companies with funny CEOs might try things that a serviced office corporation might not and might build an environment that's better for us all.

It would be rare I admit.

Ever read or watched High Rise by JG Ballard? Afterwards you might not be so keen on living in the same skyscraper as you work.

One thing the City as an area is short of is hotel space. Hotels or part-time occupancy residential (serviced apartments and second homes) feels much more realistic for that space than "true" residential space.

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