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I'm confused; it goes beyond the big, GP social networks by focusing on more meaningful relationships (how?) but I create them by pulling directly from these sources of relationships?

What exactly is a "personal" CRM that doesn't focus on selling? A curated address book?

>> Most people realize the value and fulfillment that come from maintaining relationships, but occasionally still fall out of touch due to forgetfulness

I think these is the fundamental premise that I don't personally agree with; the value of the relationship is what keeps you engaged. It's not simple forgetfulness that causes you to lose touch - you are prioritizing other activities over the relationship.

This doesn't seem right or make me feel good though; it makes me seem like a self-centered jerk, so can't be true - I must be lacking (yet more) networking applications that "promote keeping in touch".

I think there is opportunity for very specific purpose networking tools, like linkedin before they decided to be a general-purpose social network or centered around communities and activities. I don't think "relationships" is specific enough, unless you're focusing on physical relationships like dating or hookups.

Also, the amount of private information you're asking to expose right out the gate is a non-starter for me. If it's curated (and thus meaningful) make your on-boarding & setup reflect this. I realize it's largely due to eas-of-use, but to me the process is a giant data vacuum.

I agree with your statement that the value of a relationships is what keep relationships alive. I'll add we do believe forgetfulness plays a role in how you prioritize. One benefit of using Dex is just having visibility into who you know so you can do this prioritization better.

Dex as a 'personal CRM' does intend to provide professional utility as a tool that helps you keep in touch. People who depend on relationships for their work, but might not already have a CRM with their company, are part of Dex's core target audience.

Thanks for your point on private information: we know that our onboarding experience isn't perfect and it's something we're working on.

I would be interested to hear from someone here who has utilized this method of networking effectively.

Over the past year I've met plenty of contacts/got cards etc. I have not felt the need to contact any of the people I've met, so I honestly don't know what it would be like if I did. I don't have any needs/problems that aren't already solved by the people who are in my life now, and if someone was really important I'd put them in my phone contacts, which also, is at about 5% utilization, compared to the total number of people in there, and all those people I at least had some good reason to contact at some point.

I think true meaningful networks cannot be built by exchanging a card on a one-off meeting.

Am I wrong?

Your expectations for performance in this task might be easily met by your background-level/automatic ability, but others will have either higher expectations or lower ability and a tool might make the difference.

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