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Not this dad. My wife kept trying to get my 14-year old daughter interested, but so far she's not. I think, based on these three data points in my family, that I have pretty conclusive proof it's a not-quite-young-but-of-course-not-old-female demographic.

Pinterest has cornered the market for women who (1) are planning a wedding or (2) have a child under five in their family.

And I don't just mean brides and mothers, but everyone involved with the wedding/baby shower/birthday party planning process: bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, future mother-in-laws, aunts, grandmothers, and godmothers. And of course everyone who's paid to be involved with those events uses pinterest as well: photographers, venues, florists, event planners, designers, etc.

My gripe with pinterest (that none of my friends seem to be bothered by) is how difficult it is to source the information that's posted. Not only does it create an environment for misinformation to spread but it makes it really hard to determine whether you're purchasing from the person responsible for the beautiful photo or if you're being led to some sort of alibaba drop-shipping site.

Your gripe is what kills Pinterest for me. If you want an iota of information not in the recomposssed 6 times jpg you’re SOL. It drives me nuts every time I use it.

And crafters. My wife is on there all the time for crafting ideas.

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