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Trial for Our DPI Network Monitoring Software for Cyber Threat Hunt
3 points by OrsecTech 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
Our "OORIGIN Audit" IPv4 Network Monitoring Software Probe is available in a 30-day trial beta version. // Create an account on https://www.oorigin.fr and go to the "my account" page to download the linux binary and the Getting Started document.

OORIGIN Audit is a network monitoring probe designed for the Cyber Threat Hunt that we develop in Bordeaux - France; With the integration of Deep Packet Inspection PACE2 technology from our partner and world leader in DPI: "Rohde & Schwarz".

Our probe is a daily tool for any system administrator: - Profiling network activity to optimize your IT infrastructure

Our probe is a valuable tool for your security engineer for monthly or semi-annual audits. - IT Security audit to strengthen your IT policy and detect illicit devices at risk

Our probe is a vital tool for investigating future cyber incidents - Data Retention passive full network activity with a very low storage footprint

Our solution integrates easily with an ElasticSearch & Kibana solution for the analysis of the data generated by our probe.

Come chat with us: oorigin.slack.com

#itadmin #secdevops #itsecurity #dpi #networkmonitoring #cybersecurity #cyberthreat


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