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Hate to say it, but what do you mean by "stuck"? Stuck in what way?

There are no good, open alternatives that are widely used.

There are plenty of Mastodon instances revolving around almost any topic out there to join.

Having a successful social space does not necessitate, and I'd argue precludes, having a universal audience of everyone.

Also, you are currently on what would qualify as a social network, and between HN, Mastodon, and choice tech subreddits like I find myself well inundated with social forums to talk about stuff on. Thats even precluding how Github and Gitlab have turned into faux social networks around projects, how IRC and Matrix exist as real time chat options, etc.

"Stuck" is a slight exaggeration. I can still punch whatever I want into my address bar. Why is "widely used" required? Do you search/discover through Tumblr?

Before a bunch of artists were driven off tumblr due to the overly strict adult policy (the appeals process etc. was too much of a pain) Tumblr was my go-to for a lot of artists in the niches I followed. Through this, I found a ton of communities- fandoms for the characters created by the artists, collective worldbuilding, etc. Also, within niche fandoms I followed I also found artists that produced wonderful works.

There's still an ongoing webcomic (A Tale of Two Rulers) that's a world where Zelda and Gannon choose to marry instead of war on tumblr. It's incredibly awesome and part of what I'm on tumblr for.

Blogs + Disqus?

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