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I never said any of the second paragraph. I merely pointed out the spelling. Alongside the overly angry and judgemental tone of the comment especially the end.

But seeing the next reply. Continuously merging supposedly serious content with jokes in a format like digital text on a forum. There are numerous issues with that.

> that is, that I honestly think the company is called that by, for example, its employees

So this is a joke too? Or the bit of not being interested in people’s cognitive limitations?

I can't wait to see how you react when you find out where the name “Unix” comes from, or that this site runs on a language named after a speech impediment, or that most of its users use Apple computers (whose first product sold for $666) where the most common shell is the “Bourne-Again Shell”, or what the Google headquarters is called, or where Google’s IPO valuation came from.

You may be confused about what site you're on. This is “Hacker News”, not “Insecure Banker Desperate To Appear Respectable News”. Hacking is the playful application of ingenuity.

@skinnymuch: Sorry if I guessed wrongly at the reason for your question. I probably was substituting my own reasoning.

@kragen: I think there's an interesting parallel between "jokes" of this form and intentional errors in Nigerian spam. Both serve to focus on the small portion of the audience most likely to be receptive, at the cost of eliminating some larger percentage who would otherwise be receptive. Whether this is a win depends on your goals.

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