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Project Mu, like EDK2/Tianocore lacks everything coreboot has - and vice-versa: coreboot doesn't care too much about OS-side or user interfaces but delegates that to something we call "payload". EDK2/Tianocore on the other hand (and Mu, by extension) is extremely weak in the actual hardware initialization department because they only care about OS-side and user interface matters. If you dig a lot, you'll find one memory init driver there (for the now-dead Quark SoC).

Project Mu is an attempt to make something reasonable out of EDK2, and I commend them for it (EDK2 _really_ needs an effort like this).

But to get a useful (UEFI style) firmware image without signing NDAs (and not the ordinary NDA, the more secret ones) you'll need to combine Project Mu with... coreboot.

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