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It's a shame they won't revert the idiotic decision to ban adult content. The sense of freedom of expression and unrestrained creativity gave Tumblr its edge. Without it, it's just another boring blog engine, and this is just a matter of postponing its demise.

I agree with this. There are ways to handle the adult stuff from different angles. I am guessing some people are disagreeing with 'postponing it's demise' -since it's possible to keep chunks of it going with the niches that are there... but I agree with the demise statement. If a stadium use to have 100 million visitors a day and changes to only handle 20 million a day - it is no longer what it once was.

I imagine parts of tumble can be useful for micro-blogging onboarding - their signup process and get to posting process was always better than everyone else in my experience. This can be valuable to automattic / WP.

I could even imagine pushing little tumblr powered niche communities for places like Disney / that are walled from the rest of the networks..

However ejecting the adult content sharing was also a terrible thing not just for expression and sharing, but curating different flows of interests. Tumblr actually showed groups of posts that would curate individual's discovery of erotic and interesting portrayals of erotic imagery - to see these mini books curated by different people - for the people who saw them, it gave you a different perspective of things people might like - one that was not curated by the commercial porn industry, one that did not a/b test for most shocking to get attention / clicks.

Taking those options away is more than a loss of millions of posts per day - it's a loss for humanity in seeing and considering alternative views of beauty.

On top of the, conversations that could be had and knowledge shared around different sexual subjects that are impossible via fbk and the like.

Removing the adult access is almost like buying a couple chains of worldwide bookstores and removing access to all the romance and erotica stories - so it's easier to be a hosting company... however this is leaving a huge hole in global learning and sharing - and it's leaving those folks who may have benefited from different ways of learning and sharing - it's leaving them to the commercial wolves who are willing to fight the censors and other issues that add to the expense of hosting adult.

Which leaves us with commercial producers and the race to the bottom / make a buck any way with a/b filtered click bait stuff that is taking over. It's a loss for humanity truly.

Matt said they're not going to, but I wouldn't count on that being the final word on the subject. He's supportive of adult content in principle, his reasons for maintaining the ban are business reasons. If the community persists in demanding that it be lifted, I wouldn't be surprised to see a business solution present itself in the future.

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