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Show HN: A list of no-code software, by category, with real-world examples (workandwhistle.co)
75 points by truedrew13 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 22 comments

Amazing, thank you for that list! I'm going to check those out.

Also, thanks for pointing out the missing Airtable. Ironically, I must have accidentally deleted it last time I added something to the list, because it's supposed to be on there.

Don’t forget https://zapier.com

You should check out dashdash, where I work. It's a spreadsheet that gives you access to business data and APIs. You can use dashdash to find companies and people, send emails and Slack messages, automate your CRM, enrich leads, and more, all using your spreadsheet skills! https://dashdash.com

thanks for posting!

(founder of Makerpad)

Why is "no-code" attractive? Who is using these services?

I think no-code is attractive for a number of reasons. When you're non-technical (can't code) then you're told to learn to code or find a technical co-founder if you want to build something.

It's not that reassuring for someone just starting out wanting to test a random idea that you have to do these big things in order for it to see the light of day.

No-code tools are becoming so powerful that you can build all sorts of things and I built a site with lots of tutorials for that purpose[1] (It's a membership site, some tutorials are free). Things like a marketplace app like Airbnb[2], an Instagram like app[3], eBay marketplace[4], tools for product/market fit[5], membership sites and a lot more using a number of tools.

Now I know lots of people have their opinions about cloning sites but personally, I think if you have an idea for a specific site which would work like X then I don't see why using the user experience of a similar site can't be the starting point for where these non-technical folk start testing their ideas.

Also, I think it's powerful for professionals to be able to build themselves small tools in order to increase their workflows, productivity etc without relying on dev resources especially in an increasingly remote workforce.

[1] https://www.makerpad.co/ [2] https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial/airbnb-mobile-app-clone-plu... [3] https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial/instagram-clone-using-glide... [4] https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial/creating-a-marketplace-app-... [5] https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial/how-superhuman-built-an-eng...

I'd second all that, and I'd add that even as a developer, no-code is really attractive.

In order to code something that real people use, a huge amount of time gets spent on things that aren't critical to the actual product and are usually redundant. For example, I think setting up and maintaining servers is annoying. I also hate coding all the piping for transactional emails, password reset flows, etc. I've coded them a million times, and I feel like it's more useful to get that stuff out of the box and focus on things that move the product forward.

This is especially true for a new idea that needs to be validated.


So much stuff. The difficult thing is to figure out which one to use. With programming you are (somewhat) aware of the limitations and difficulty. Here you have to pick one tool, invest time to figure out how it works, how hard it is to use, what are the limitations etc.

I wish there was a review site for such software :(

That's exactly what I want to do with this site, actually.

I don't want to do a "standard" review site, though... I want to help people answer the question "which no-code tool should I use for my specific task?" in the most efficient way I can.

Ben from Makerpad has the "how to build things" side covered, and I want to focus on the "which software should I choose" step that comes right before building.

I think showing real world examples and some type of standardized assessments (by category) might be the first steps, but I'm not sure how it will look yet... still figuring it out.

react code generator https://divjoy.com/

Heh, Big Commerce is on here. I used to make money writing scripts for Big Commerce stores in high school.

Cool! There's some pretty nice tools in there.

How is codesandbox.io "no-code"?

Is that on the list? Codepen is on there, which is debatable, but it takes care of hosting and embedding different code environments without code, so it made the list.

one additional would be dropsource.com/platform

(I work at Dropsource)

Different audience, but Simulink?

My engineering team uses Simulink for their development, and would heartily argue that it is code that they are developing. For me , it is semantics as to whether it is code or not, but it still need plenty of knowledge and expertise to properly use it.

Fair point. I do love the simplicity of double pendulum demo though.

Looks like it fits to me! Thanks for the tip.

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