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Show HN: Operations CMS for Shopify (github.com)
1 point by theturtletalks 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Hey guys, maker here. I built Openship to manage the backend operations for my Shopify stores. I used to manage them using Zapier and Google Sheets, but after getting tired of staring at spreadsheets all day and wanting to optimize even more, I decided to learn React and build a dashboard and a marketplace as a Shopify app.

Openship allows you extend Shopify GraphQL API as well as route orders to different sources like ShipBob, ShipMonk, Amazon, other shops directly, and even custom 3PL solutions.

Our long term goal is to provide a sleek and intuitive operations dashboard for e-commerce shops that they can host and customize how they see fit. With this, we want to have a tightly integrated marketplace where they can easily list their inventory.

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