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I'd agree except WeWork's emphasis on design is a huge reason they have become this big in the first place.

It's a public offering, WeWork didn't invent design. That's a terrible argument.

Not a terrible argument. Investors are people too. They can be swayed by nice looking things.

2nd page, yellow background - can't tell me that doesn't give you a sense they have their shit together.

All that being said - I won't be investing ha.

My argument is that they're using the same strategy, language and branding they used to sell their brand to the world to sell their public offering to the world.

I don't perceive that as detrimental, and don't see how designing a document is "disgusting". It's nontraditional.

But that isn't what an S-1 is supposed to be, from my understanding. It isn't a marketing document -- they are warping it.

Yeah, I see this as a pretty interesting illustration at how poor engineers are at figuring out how things actually function in the world for anything other than products.

Indeed, presumably they have paid a sizable team of designers quite well to create these diagrams, graphs, etc.

I was impressed by all the varied ways they have visualized their "data". The tipping scale, for instance, gives a clear before/after projection while being much more visually interesting than a plain graph.

Not to say that I believe all of it, but I do think visually appealing and/or dazzling graphics do have an effect on some types of people. Conscious or not.

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