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yeah, this number seems high. It might not look high to the overseas visitors to HN, but in Europe that's well paid!

> in Europe that's well paid

Well paid but not upper class. Give Germany has a bona fide upper class, this is a meaningful point to snuffle about. The couple with €5,160/mo. in net income is still, in all likelihood, beholden to their employer.

The study defines upper class as top 10% of net income.

> The study defines upper class as top 10% of net income

And the comments in this thread are disagreeing with that terminology. (The term of art has been “high earners” when I’ve seen income statistics in America.)

The study itself actually distinguishes upper class (Oberschicht) from the top income decile (which is what the research is about). At any rate, that's really a semantic issue and should not distract from the substance.

5160 € net would be incredibly much in Finland. A single guy would have to bring home roughly 115,000 € = 128,600 USD gross annually for that.

That would put you close to the 1% of the top earners in Finland. Even most mid-sized company CEOs don't make nearly that much.

The value of 5160€ is for couples.

Yep, so both would have to be working at very well paying jobs to bring anywhere near that level net income home.

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